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Title: Application - Rogue / Toso
Post by: toso123 on 20 December, 2016, 04:18:30 am
Name: Jakov
Age: 21
Nationality: Croat :)=

-Main character and alts:

Name: Toso
Race:  Human
Class: Rogue

Are you able to use TeamSpeak3 (Voice chat program that we use alot for raids/WvWvW in game)?: Yes ofc

What is your previous experience with MMORPGs? : Playing WoW since vanilla on retail, and stoped after Wotlk few times tried new expansions ...after wotlk most of my time spent on wow was on this new expansion:Legion ... but when i saw my brother is still playing cool vanilla server i couldn't ressist :D

Why do you want to join our guild?: after speaking with one of member's its just what im looking  for, everything perfect for me ...

What would you expect of the guild?: Nothing much ...just chill & enjoy with guildies and geting back my good old memories from raids in this expansion :)

Have you been in a guild before and if so, why do you prefer us?: i haven't yet....
Do you know anyone from our guild that can vouch for you?: I dont know anyone.

What are your normal playtimes?: well i play most of day (or night lol) i start lets say about 18h now its 4:17 deepends if i join ill focus to be on every raid time...
Title: Re: Application - Rogue / Toso
Post by: Peey on 20 December, 2016, 05:13:44 am
Hello Toso.

As the server just came back online I'm not 100% sure on how our current rogue rooster is. TDA played on both Nostalrius and Elysium before this merge came to happen. We currently have eight possible rogues come January, but there is a lot of comfort in numbers.

To avoid stepping on our rogue class leader's toes, i will have him contact you as soon as possible.
Or you can contact him at "Chodefoofoo".

Have a good Christmas,
Best Regards,
Title: Re: Application - Rogue / Toso
Post by: Squibbi on 28 December, 2016, 02:49:23 am
Approved for Trial.