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Author Topic: TDA Rules  (Read 8566 times)


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TDA Rules
« on: 21 August, 2008, 07:33:37 AM »

The Dark Alliance rules

General Behaviour

- Follow the Code of conduct of the game

- Behave and respect your fellow guild and realm mates, at the end of the day, we all need each other to have fun in the game.

- If you have a concern or dispute with a fellow member take it up with an officer or GM if it seems to be causing conflict.

- Before you get into a fight, argument etc, ask yourself this. What can I gain if I win? Can this have a bad effect on TDA's reputation.

- Do not beg for people to power level you, or money. It's rude and it puts the person who you are asking in a uncomfortable situation.

- Abusing bugs will NOT be tolerated!

Guild chat

- Guild chat is not to be used to flame or provoke a fellow guild mate.

- Guild chat is not to be used begging for power levelling.

- No swearing in guild chat.

- If an officer or GM is dealing with a problem in guild chat do not join in. If you have information relevant to the matter pm the officer/GM direct. Your opinions may well be valid but this is not an appropriate time to express them.

- Everybody loves a good joke, but keep in mind we have people of all ages, nationality and race, so jokes might be viewed differently.


If you want to join TDA.

- You can be recommended by a TDA member.
- Have a chat with one of our officers or gm's.
- Introduce yourself on the forum (this section). You will be contacted shortly.

New members

- All members must register on our forum, this is our best way to announce hunts etc.

- New members will be given a "trial" rank, you will stay this rank for 4 weeks which start the day you register on our forum. After 4 weeks, pm an officer or GM with your forum name, if all is in order (see below) promotion will be granted.

- In order to get access to members section, you need to add all your TDA characters into your forum profile, under the "Interests" column. When this is done, send a pm to Adoctor/Dub/Hanza/Tenzor/Damevoss/Delay so access may be granted. Without this, you can't view the hunt forum, neither will your character receive any promotions.


- On no account is /played to be mentioned in guild chat or the forum. It's too painful to think about.

In short, we're a friendly guild looking for friendly people of all play styles :)
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