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Author Topic: How to sign up / apply  (Read 12099 times)


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How to sign up / apply
« on: 01 September, 2008, 07:19:22 AM »


The Dark Alliance has an open invite policy. This means all people can join your guild. No matter nationality, sex, race, age, religion, sexual orientation and so on, all who respect other people are welcome. We are an open and friendly guild that takes pride in our great diversity. We are a social guild that likes to chat and have fun across all the differences we might have. We have casual players, we have hardcore players, we do PvE, PvP and large scale RvR in the guild. We have all nationalities in the guild, but we speak english in chat and in Ventrilo/TeamSpeak3. If you find it hard to communicate on english, dont worry. We dont expect anything close to perfect english skills and we can almost always find a person that can help you translate or understand your native tongue.

We expect all members to:

-     Represent TDA at all times.

-   Sign up on this forum. Just register an account with a valid email address

-   Read the rules posted on this forum, on a sticky post in this section

-   Put your character names in the forum signature. (So we can keep track on who is who).

How to Apply-

In order to get a better idea of who you are and also for you to think about what you want from the guild, we have put forward an 'application form'. Whilst the factual information would be nice, this is not an exam and you do not need to answer all the questions. Basically tell us the stuff you want us to know and anything else you want to share that you think is relevant to your application. The questions are a guide but feel free to tell us anything you would like us to know. To respond just click reply and start typing!

-------------------------------- Application Form ------------------------------------
Just copy&paste into your own new thread :)
Code: [Select]
[b]- Real Life Information:[/b]


[b]-Main character and alts:[/b]


Are you able to use TeamSpeak3 (Voice chat program that we use alot for raids/WvWvW in game)?

What is your previous experience with MMORPGs?

Why do you want to join our guild?

What would you expect of the guild?

Have you been in a guild before and if so, why do you prefer us?

Do you know anyone from our guild that can vouch for you?

What are your normal playtimes?
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