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Author Topic: Patch 1.1.0b, 1.1.0c and Keg End event.  (Read 7760 times)


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Patch 1.1.0b, 1.1.0c and Keg End event.
« on: 17 December, 2008, 08:31:22 AM »

Today they are patching 1.1.0b, read patch notes here

Tomorrow they will patch 1.1.0c, read patch notes here

At the same time as patch 1.1.0c comes there will be a new event called Keg End.
More info about Keg End >>

With patch 1.1.0b they are increasing Renown for kills, seems that they are increasing it alot as well.

Renown gains: This patch includes a significant fix to the amount of Renown gained in both open Realm vs. Realm combat and Scenarios. The intent of this change is for players to gain Renown based on the differential between a player's Rank and Renown Rank. The examples given below are based on solo Realm vs. Realm confrontations without any sort of bonuses and with both players being of the same Renown Rank (differences between RRs also affect RPs awarded):
- If a Rank 40/Renown Rank 1 solo kills a Rank 31/Renown Rank 1, the Rank 40 will receive 206 Renown as a reward.
- If a Rank 40/Renown Rank 1 solo kills a Rank 18/Renown Rank 1, the Rank 40 will receive 70 Renown as a reward.
Notice that this is a larger reward than the Rank 40 would receive with the previous system (51 and 5 respectively).
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