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Author Topic: FoM Alliance rules  (Read 1933 times)


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FoM Alliance rules
« on: 19 July, 2005, 01:08:23 pm »

Couldnt find 'em anywhere here, and thought we should have 'em at our forum aswell :)

 Updated: 2005-02-01


Being in the FoM alliance your guild and all it's members agree to:

- Read and understand these rules and guidelines.
- Follow the rules for the alliance chat (/as).
- Abide to the DBG/CTA system.
- Strive to always hold a tower or keep claimed (towers and keeps in Midgard comes first).
- Appoint 1-2 or more GMs/officers or trusted persons who will have access to the alliance leader forum on (contact Ardamel or Urme for access).
- Have a rank in your guild (rank 9 perhaps?) which does not have the rights to speak in /as. It is the responsibility of your guild to make sure such a rank exists.

The main purpose of the FoM alliance chat is to:

- Relay information about RvR activities such as realm defense, tower/keep takes (and to some extent relic raids).
- Relay information about large hunts such as MLs, dragon raids, DF raids, TG raids and encounters.
- Relay information about other events which many may have interest in.

Why do we need to have rules for the alliance chat?

The FoM alliance is quite possibly the largest DAoC alliance in all of Europe, that means that there is alot of people in the alliance, lots of people with different agendas. Some play for RvR, some play for PvE and some play for both, and we all play to have fun. We have these rules for one purpose:

To be able to relay information, coordinate and organize cross guild events concerning RvR, PvE and other large events.

In order for such a large amount of people to communicate and relay information in just one channel, we need to have rules to ensure that this channel stays open and that people in the alliance experience that information brought up in the /as is useful and meaningful to them. If a vast majority feels that the information is useless to them then they may turn the /as off and hence will miss important information about activities which may concern them.

The role of the alliance officer

Each guild in the alliance should have 1 or 2 appointed alliance officers at all times. The alliance officer has 3 tasks:

1. The alliance officer is to have access to the alliance leader forum on, where they are to contineously participate in the discussions there about alliance issues. It is up to each alliance officer how often they want to check the alliance forum.
2. The alliance officer is to relay important information about alliance events to members of his/her guild.
3. The alliance officer is to make sure that members in his/her guild understand the rules for the /as usage.

The alliance officer also has the right to issue CTA under the right circumstances which is described below in the DBG/CTA section.

Rules for the alliance chat

The /who and /send "name" commands

The /who command is indeed underestimated, it can be used in various ways and you are encouraged to do so before asking in the /as about certain events. /who BG will for instance reveal all BG holders who are not /anon and in what areas they are. A /who sobekite or /who boreal will most likely reveal if there is a ML2 raid going on and a /who twilight will reveal if there is a ml3 raid going on etc. So asking in the /as if there is a ml2 raid going on is more often not proper usage of the /as. If you see that alot of people is in the Sobekite Eternal dungeon you can always PM someone in there, asking who it is that holds the BG and if you can join.

If you know for a fact that there is a BG for a certain activity that you would like to participate in but the holder of the BG appears to be /anon or if it's not obvious who actually holds the BG for that activity then it's ok to ask in the /as. For instance it happens that the BG holder for realm defense is in the housing area and then it may not be obvious that he/she is the holder of the defense BG.

Combining the use of /who or /who "a well known name" and /send "name" to get information about events, BGs etc is strongly encouraged instead of using the /as.

It is sometimes necessary to get hold of a Game Master (especially in ToA), and more often those are not online and a way to get in touch with them is to ask a volunteer (also called Eyes and Ears (E&E)). The E&Es can help you with that, therefore it is allowed to ask in the /as for E&Es if you can't seem to find them using the /who and the /send commands. Below is the current list of E&Es in Midgard.

Current list of E&Es in Midgard:

Urme - Mortality - Mohaha - Emru
Takhasis - Hartraft - Bilbari
Whoodoo - Apophys - Ransid - Putrid - Danime - Bustar - Mastaboofs
Jerelyn - Kilix - Ambush
Shaniah - Aylene - Lyseia - Lupa - Tajani
Thorarin - Jydan - Tordek
Barbait - Tilda - Pengu

Realm vs Realm

Anyone with the right to speak in /as can report activities in the alliance chat. When reporting something in the /as please try to be very specific so that misunderstandings can be avoided.

What can I report in the /as concerning RvR?

- Enemy movements especially if 1 FG or above.
- BG announcements for defense, tower takes, keep takes or other large scale RvR events.
- Attacks on towers and keeps.
- Suggestions for safe routes as to how mids can get safely to keeps and towers in Midgard or in enemy lands which are under attack or about to get attacked.

What cant I report in the /as concerning RvR?

- DO NOT speak of planned relic raids in the /as unless the relic raid leader does it first.

DBG/CTA system:

Defense Battlegroup:

- DBG may be announced by anyone in the FoM alliance.

- DBG may be announced when any Keep in our frontier has fallen, or if the attack on any of these keeps seem very coordinated and planned in a manner that shows that hibs/albs are determined to get it. This is to prepare for later CTA.

- DBG may be annonced if hibs/albs launch a multiple tower take which appears to be planned, coordinated and in a manner that shows hibs/albs are determined to launch a relic raid. This is to prepare for later CTA.

- DBG may be announced/issued even if we own no relics.

- DBG is free for everyone to join.

Call to Arms:

- CTA may be issued by any appointed alliance officer, especially the one who's holding the BG for defense, each guild should have 1 or 2 appointed alliance officers.

- CTA may be issued when the third keep in a chain to open up the relicgate is about to fall OR when a force is gathering which may threaten to take that keep. This applies when we hold our own relics in the shrines behind the milegates.

- CTA may be issued when we hold enemy relics in one of our keeps in Midgard and it's being threatened by a seizable force. In exempli, several towers are taken in what seems to be a planned and well organized attack and that the hibs or albs are gathering to attack the keep and quite evidently has a chance to succeed unless mids get more people for defense. OBS! this paragraph has been added for the 1.71 patch

- CTA may only be issued when Midgard holds relics.

- CTA is limited to 1 hour, and during that time ALL should come, if ppl actually do show up and help the force summoned by the CTA, it will indeed allow us to kick em back to the stone age.

- CTA may be extended for 1 hour extra if its bad, at a total of 2 times. 3 hours of CTA is the max limit, after that it cannot be extended. It's up the the leader of the defense to extend the CTA and it should NOT be done if its not needed. After 3 hour the CTA is reduced to DBG.

- CTA without the need for it, will result in a warning for the officer, doing it twice will result in a discussion and a vote if this officer should be demoted. CTA may steal alot of time for alot of ppl and it should not be done lightly.

- CTA ends when one of the Keeps opening the relicgates are retaken and the relicgate is closed. The keep needs to be secure, thus taking the keeps also means taking back all towers.

- If an alliance officer issues CTA when its called for, then the CTA goes for our alliance only. Its entirely up to other alliances if they want to issue CTA, we can only provide them with the base of information on which they can choose to issue CTA or not, it is not up to the FoM alliance to impose anything unto other alliances. Other alliances may have a different agenda and different game play and therefore they are to decide such matters on their own.

CTA concerning MLs, encounters and such:

- IF CTA is issued appropriately and you're on a ML raid atm, you MAY finish the step you're doing, its entirely up the the ML raid leader if ppl should just drop it and go straight for defense. Very often its easy to pick up where you left, but sometimes it's not. So mark these words, its allowed to finish the step you are on atm, but after that you will have to show up for defense.

- The very same goes for encounters, if you're killing let's say Danos or doing the Egg of Youth encounter (time comsuming enc) you may proceed if you feel that you've come a long way on it. EoY for instance is always up and its easy to redo it if you've just bashed 1 or 2 pillars. Use common sense in this matter, if you're at, let's say, the 7th pillar its perfectly clear that you may finísh the encounter then head and aid in the CTA.

- You MAY NOT finish the ML step/encounter that you are doing if the enemy zerg is heading for the open relic milegate when CTA is issued.

- Apparent misuse of these three rules above concerning CTA and MLs/encounters, done by a whole guild could result in a discussion and a kick from the alliance. If its a member of a guild misusing these rules, its up to that guild to deal with it.

Darkness Falls:

It is only allowed to report 1 FG+ enemy movements from Darkness Falls and only when Midgard has access. You are encouraged to start a BG for DF so that people interested can take part relevant information.

It is NOT allowed to report that there is an infil killing lowbies at the rocots area (and similar situations). Use the /as to start a BG for DF instead and report it there. That way people who are interested in what is happening in DF can take part of relevant info from DF.

Encounters/Master levels

It is allowed and encouraged that you start BGs for encounters and master levels using the /as. It is not allowed to ask if a certain encounter is up or if there is a certain ML or encounter going on. Use the /who and the /send commands to find out about it or do it the old fashioned way and go look yourself. As stated in the section about the /who and the /send commands it may in some cases be allowed to ask who holds the BG for a certain activity.

If you go out over the /as to start a BG for a ML or encounter, then it's OK to ask for certain class types like seers and tanks, its not OK to ask for certain specs. When you go out over the /as you agree to invite all who wants to come but it's up to you to set up rules like level req and what classes are needed to make it work. When you go out over the /as to get ppl for artefacts you are also obliged to lotto the items that drops unless you work out some other solution beforehand with the people involved. You should never formulate what you say in the /as as a question.

What's OK in the /as concerning PvE such as exping, MLs and encounters?

Example 1: Gather Volcanus Haven for a ml7 grp steps raid, join my BG. Seers are especially needed. 4 spots left.

Example 2: Join my BG and gather Aerus for a chieftain hunt in Green Glades. All above lvl 45 are welcome. Drops and scrolls will be lottoed in the end and not before that.

Example 3: Join my BG for an artefact raid. Gather Stygia, we're going for Zahur's, Scepter of the Meritorious, Nailah's Robe and Golden spear. Lvl req 47+, more tanks needed. Drops will be lottoed in the end.

What's not OK in the /as concerning PvE such as exping, MLs and encounters?

Example 1: Need a pac healer for Modernagrav.

Example 2: Scroll farming in ml7 coming up, need ml3+ SM.

Example 3: Battler is up, anyone wanna help?

In these 3 cases mentioned above, the raids is not open to all or is too unspecific and hence shouldn't be in the /as. Announcing Modernagrav grps and Lair grps is not allowed in either case.

As a member of the FoM alliance you and your guild shall always strive to seek concensus decisions with other players when it comes to artefact encounters and master levels. It's important that you act nice and mature, remember that you are representing your guild at all times and that others in your guild may get in trouble if you don't act accordingly.

"Feck off n00b, I was here first" is NOT acting mature nor being nice. Instead invite other players to join the encounter/ML or work out some other solution which all can agree to.

It goes without saying that not all will accept that you're camping a certain encounter. If you camp it then you must have people ready to join in when the encounter mob pops, if another team comes along and is ready to start the encounter, then it's their right to do so. However, that other team is strongly encouraged to invite you for encounter credit and maybe even for a roll on the artefact or other drops, if you act nice then chances are that they will and if you invite others to join encounters and MLs then chances are that they will invite you the next time.

What is not allowed in the FoM /as?

- Asking for or setting up trade CG/BGs is banned in the /as due to all the spam it generates. Use consignment merchants or PM ppl you know for information.
- Asking for grp in the /as is NOT allowed, join the BG or CG for whichever activity you would like to engage in and ask there or use the /who and /send commands or ask in your guild chat.
- Asking or requesting ppl for Modernagrav PL sessions and lair PL sessions (Dragon raids is not included in this) is not allowed due to all the spam it generates. It's all fine that ppl run these hunts but please use the /who command to get ppl for them.
- Asking for crafters is banned, use duskwave or the roll of honour to find crafters. - It is not allowed to have discussions in the /as nor chatting, not even when very few are online. The /as is a channel for relaying information with specific purposes.
- Pointing out in the /as that someone is misusing the /as is as much misuse itself as the other person's alledged misuse. Send a PM to an officer in that guild or contact a FoM officer instead if the misuse is apparent.
- Spam is not allowed with one exception, when a guild joins the alliance it's allowed to say welcome and some kind words on behalf of your guild. Doing this is, in a manner of speaking, contributing to spam, but it happens at such rare occasions and newly joined guilds should indeed feel welcome.

Definition of spam:

To repeatedly say something in the /as which is irrelevant or which cause other useful information to disappear in the flood of information.

Misuse of the /as

- Obvious and repeated misuse of the /as can and should result in a temporary demote so that the person misusing the /as cannot speak in the /as. The person misusing the /as should also be encouraged to take part of the rules in this document.
- It is the responsibility of the officers in your guild to ensure that people misusing the /as understand why they can't use the /as in the manner that they just did or that they are demoted.
- Apparent misuse of the rules above concerning the /as usage, done by a whole guild could result in a discussion and a kick from the alliance. If its a member of a guild misusing these rules, its up to the officers in that guild to deal with it.

If you see something that you don't like in this document or if you got ideas of how to make this document more clear or better then it is your right to come with suggestions, contact any alliance officer in game to make them come with the suggestion or contact Ardamel in game or on to gain access to the alliance leader forum so that you, yourself, can make the suggestion.
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